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I believe the number of Vietnam Veterans who went through the "West Point of Capitalism" would surprise even those of us among that number. Quite some time ago, I posed the question to HBS and got the response shown here. I am proud of both my Vietnam service and of my Alumni status from HBS. I believe that the demonstration of this factoid helps put the lie to the stereotypical image of the Vietnam veteran. When I thought of funding the program in this manner (I didn't want to be accused of being funded by the Republican campaign), I didn't realize how large the pool actually was. Having done the initial survey, we have kept the pledge level low in the hopes of getting a high rate of participation. Please complete the census, make your pledges and encourage your classmates to do the same.

Name Class Sec Comm Ser VN Service
Antle, William S MBA '73 A USNA N  
Burnham, Hathorne A MBA '73 A USAFA AF VN Theater unspecified 66-67
Carpenter, Donald B MBA '73 A   MC 1968 (deceased)
Cole, Chester "Ben" MBA '73 A USNA N USS Epping Forest (MCS-7) '64-'66 mine clearing at Cam Ranh Bay
USS Richmond K. Turner (CLG-20) '69-71 Market Time operations
Gebhardt, Robert J MBA '73 A OCS A US Army Corps of Engineers, Northern I-Corps in 1969. .
Kyle, Albert S MBA '73 A NROTC MC 2nd Battalion, 12 Marines, 3rd Marine Division, 6/68 to 7/69
MacNeill, Robert S MBA '73 A   MC Helicopter pilot
Miller, Richard MBA '73 A OCS N Supply Officer USS Lloyd Thomas (DD 764) VN deployment 8/1970 to 2/1971
Peavey, William F MBA '73 A NROTC AF Forward Air Controller (FAC) attached to 19th TASS and the Army's 11th ACR in Quan Loi, RVN, 6/69-6/70
Schmidt, Jeffrey A MBA '73 A USMA A  
Story, Edward C MBA '73 A ROTC A MAC-CORDS; Mekong Delta 4/69-4/70
Varasano, Frank A MBA '73 A USNA N  
Earhart, Terry L MBA '73 B USNA N  
Folkart, Charles S MBA '73 B USAFA AF  
Gutelius, Edward W MBA '73 B   N USS Benjamin Franklin (SSBN640)
Haavik, Stanley J. MBA '73 B ROTC A 1st Infantry Division, 68-69
Horsey, James L "Roy" MBA '73


OCS MC 3rd MarDiv, 12th Marine Regt. - Okinawa & various afloat assignments. Got ready to land in Viet Nam once so far as breaking out ammo on the hangar deck, but didn't go at the time.
Karch, James F "Rick" MBA '73 B OCS MC  
Joy, Kenneth E MBA '73 B OCS N era-vet
Partridge, David M MBA '73 B USMA A  
Prince, Andrew S MBA '73 B USNA N  
Willard, Bob MBA '73 B ROTC N  
Zilinskas, Matthew J MBA '73 B USMA A  
Buddenhagen, Paul S MBA '73 C   N Submarine service
Geib, William R MBA '73 C USNA N  
Hopson, James W MBA '73 C OCS A MACV Advisor, 5th ARVN Div, Lai Khe, 6/70-4/71
Keible, Edward A MBA '73 C OTC AF AFLC (Air Logistics Command) 1967-71; only TDY RVN
Kaufman, James MBA '73 C ROTC N USS Vega and USS Cochrane.  Made four deployments to Vietnam between 1964 and 1969. 
Lankalis, John F II MBA '73 C N/A N Pautuxent River NAS 64-67
Pappas, John G MBA '73 C USMA A  
Refsland, Earl R MBA '73 C USMA A  
Runkle, Thomas C MBA '73 C USNA N  
Seibert, Peter K MBA '73 C USNA N  
Snyder, Thomas S MBA '73 C OCS N NSA Tan My; MACSOG OP-90 12/69-12/70
Allen, Jefferson (Jay) MBA '73 D   A 1LT in RVN
Asch, Donald MBA 73 D OCS N USN Supply Depot, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba 5/69-8/71
Benedict, Crawford L MBA '73 D USNA N  
Bowman, Robert B MBA '73 D OCS N USS Shangri La, CVA 38; 1969.     
Clarke, Townsend S MBA '73 D USMA A  
Cooper, LE "Butch" MBA '73 D   AF  JAG, RVN 1/1/1970 thru 7/10/1971
Dingelday, Peter E MBA '73 D   ?  
Hatch, William H MBA 73 D   MC  
L'Esperance, Paul MBA '73 D   AF F-4 Pilot over NVN (Deceased)
McFarlane, Graham S MBA '73 D OCS A Field Tm Ldr & S-5, 8th Psyop Battalion, 4/70-5/71.
McMillan, Charles S (Steve) MBA '73 D   ?  
Miller, Dave S MBA '73 D OCS N  
Payne, Gene MBA 73 D   A  
Pine, Don MBA '73 D OCS N Two deployments – 1969 and 1970
Schell, Joseph M MBA '73 D   ?  
Slusser, Ronald M MBA '73 D USNA N  
Tarr, Robert J MBA '73 D USNA N  
Brooks, Mike MBA '73 E OCS N Two deployments 1968 and 1969
Chamberlain, E Robert MBA '73 E   N  
Connaughton, David M MBA '73 E USAFA AF 301st ARS, 1 month 1967; 82nd SRS, 30 months 1968 - 1971
Costello, Dennis B MBA '73 E USNA N  
Cureton, Chip MBA '73 E ROTC N  
Epstein, David M MBA '73 E OCS N VA-93 aboard USS Bon Homme Richard, Westpac deployment, 1968
Grace, Donald N MBA '73 E USNA N  
Henzi, Mike MBA '73 E USNA N  
Hunt, Lucian "Jack" MBA '73 E      
Marlin, Mark MBA '73 E ROTC A CONUS 64-66
Morton, John MBA '73 E USNA N  
Newton, Robert C MBA '73 E USNA N USS Collette: 2 Deployments, 6 mos. Each 1964-1966;
USS Finch 3 Deployments, 6 mos. Each- 1966-1968.
Peters, David K MBA '73 E OCS A CONUS 69-71
Runquist, Ulf "Bill" MBA '73 E USNA N  
Sherman, Stephen G MBA '73 E OCS A 5th SFG(A) '67-'68
Sweetser, Chandler MBA '73 E OCS N US NavSupComd '69-'70 
Warn, John C MBA '73 E USNA N  
Weil, Donald MBA '73 E USNA N submarine service
Albert, John C MBA '73 F   N  
Duckworth, Stephen L MBA '73 F USNA N  
Friedel, Leonard G MBA '73 F     VN
Hitchcock, Thomas E MBA '73 F ROTC AF Era
Hoch, Christopher M MBA '73 F USNA N  
Mattly, James B MBA '73 F NAVCAD N VA-155 - 1965
Moore, William P MBA '73 F USMA A  
O'Neill, William J, Jr MBA '73 F      
Prout, Patrick M MBA '73 F USNA N  
Rotman, Douglas A MBA '73 F USAFA AF  
Skinner, Bill MBA '73 F OCS N VA-25  Two tours of 7-8 months each. 
Wicks, Samuel C MBA '73 F USNA N  
Balkcom, James R MBA '73 G USMA A 232 Co, 1 Sig Bde 70-71
Bang-Jensen, Per MBA '73 G OCS A  
Forrester, Robert MBA '73 G OCS N  
Gipson, Jim MBA '73 G OCS N  
Griffin, Rand MBA '73 G OCS A  
Kenna, Lee MBA '73 G OCS A First Log Command, Long Binh 70-71
King, Rodger MBA '73 G ROTC N USS Benjamin Franklin (SSBN640)
Mangol, Fred MBA '73 G USNA N  
McDermott, John E MBA '73 G USNA N  
Moore, James E MBA '73 G   A 1st Bde 5th Mech Div Aug 1970- June 1971
O'Neill, Robert R MBA '73 G USNA MC  
Paulson, Jon MBA '73 G ROTC MC  
Shelton, Garry MBA '73 G   MC  
Taylor, David E MBA '73 G ROTC MC HMH-462 helicopter pilot (70 missions) '68-9
Watson, Steve MBA '73 G OCS N  
Baguilly, Ross S MBA '73 H USNA N  
Duserick, Frank G MBA '73 H USNA N  
Gilbert, Robert T MBA '73 H   N  
Hershon, Simon A MBA '73 H USNA N  
Holmes, W. Stephen MBA '73 H OCS N NAVSUPCMDV, I CTZ Disbursing Officer.
Kinney, Jeremy F MBA '73 H ROTC MC XO & CO on Okinawa 4/70-4/71, Spt Co, H&S Bn., 3rd FSR.
Kubitz, Kermit R MBA '73 H N/A A 1/18th-1st Infantry Div./11th ACR/Americal Div 7/69-9/70
McKie, David E MBA '73 H USNA N  
Opladen, Tom MBA '73 H ROTC N Chief Engineer USS Dyess(DD-880) Atlantic duty
Rudner, Myron A MBA '73 H USAFA AF  
Schwain, David G MBA '73 H OCS N Supply officer (LST 1163) and ASW COMFIBLANT
Sharkness, William W MBA '73 H USMA A  
Smith, William D MBA '73 H N/A N Radioman aboard the USS Mason in Vietnam 1966-1967
Thomas, Eric E MBA '73 H USMA A  
Trimby, Ross L MBA '73 H ROTC N USS Kamehameha SSBN-642 '67-'71
Tumas, Marc L MBA '73 H USMA A  
Werner, James D MBA '73 H   A MI, European Theater
Woodard, Sanford G MBA '73 H USNA N  
Abanto, J Nelson MBA '73 I      
Abbott, Peter MBA '73 I ROTC N CO, USS GANNET MSC-290 (64-65 - first ships up the rivers),
Chief of Staff and Operations Officer, DESDIV 213 (66-67),
XO, USS MEYERKORD FF-1058 (69-71)
CO, USS RAMSEY FFG-2 (73-75) Operations Eagle Pull and Frequent Wind (Saigon Harbor the day it ended), SS  MAYEGUEZ rescue, and refugee relocation.
Cuneo, Frank MBA '73 I      
Forest, William J MBA '73 I ROTC A* Platoon Cmdr, 9th Bn, Royal *Australian Regiment, AFV 10/68-11/69
Miller, Michael D MBA '73 I USMA A  
Pollack, Harold I MBA '73 I USNA N  
Sinnott, John MBA '73 I OCS A USAPAV '68-'69, Saigon and Long Binh
Tamny, Peter D MBA '73 I USNA N nuclear subs '66-70
Baggs, Darrell W MBA '73 J OCS N USS Renshaw (DD-499)  Division officer on destroyer during two Vietnam cruises (May - Oct '68) and (Jun - Dec '69)
Caldwell, Steven MBA '73 J USMA A  
Duck, John R MBA '73 J USNA N  
George, Wright B MBA '73 J   AF USAF Pilot C-141 Flew combat support missions and Air-evac.
Markowski, Eugene MBA '73 J USMA A 8/66-7/67, 1st Cavalry Div, 1/9 Cav,
Morehouse, Leo MBA '73 J USCGA CG OIC, ELD 1, Cat Lai, RVN form June 69 - July 1970
Redmond, James L MBA '73 J USMA A  
Rooney, Phillip J MBA '73 J USNA N Carrier pilot during Vietnam, had two 9-month deployments to the Tonkin Gulf, flew over 300 combat missions in A-4 Skyhawks and A-7 Corsair II's.  My squadron was deployed on the USS Oriskany and USS Kittyhawk. 
Smith, Bradford D MBA '73 J USNA N  
Wilson, C Douglas MBA '73 J OCS N Atlantic duty
Zipf, Stephen A MBA '73 J OCS N USS Truckee AO-147
Daly, James M MBA '73 K USMA A  
Fetgather, James A MBA '73 K OCS N 69-72, not in RVN

Use the Bulletin Board at to add comments for this Class or to read what others have to say. If you have already made a comment, please feel free to "amend and extend" your remarks and I will slowly delete the comments below as that happens.

Steve -- I'll be happy to pledge $100. Only wish I were able to attend! -- Mark Marlin

I got shot at a fair amount, but never took a serious hit, and never in my entire 25-year career did I ever have to "bail out" (eject) form an airplane.  I was blessed, as many of my USNA Classmates perished in that war.     Good luck with your conference, I won't be able to make it, will be interested to see what your conclusions are.. --- Phil Rooney

Good luck with the conference.-- Chan Sweetser

I am in fact "terribly excited" about the concept.  [I am not a veteran] However, ... I know & knew many VN Vets, some of whom returned at least physically unscathed by the experience. -- Dave Phelan

I am uncertain whether or not I can attend, but I am interested in the premise.  The promotional materials announcing the conference, in my opinion, should speak to a number of the myths it intends to deal with.  -- Robert Bowman

I will look forward to reading the papers and following the progress of the conference. While I believe our perspectives differ, I wish you success with your endeavor. -- Tom Snyder '73

I’ll keep working the cranial archives and let you know if I think of others.-- Thomas E Hitchcock

I'm interested in the number you turned up that served in Vietnam. Other than the most casual references between between people who might have served in the military, I seem to recall that particular aspect being pushed way down the conversation list to non-existence. Thanks, -- Graham McFarlane


  The list above is, at this point, only an effort to identify the Vietnam and Vietnam Era Veterans in the Class of '73. It does not represent a pledge of sponsorship and/or endorsement. If you have any additional information to add, please contact Steve Sherman,