If you are a veteran, you owe it to yourself and your comrades to correct the calculated distortions of the last 30 years perpetuated by those who had either political motives or movies which warp and disfigure history solely for ticket sales. If you chose to have veterans to serve in your place so that you could be at home with family and career while we who served could not and were often then maligned for the worst of reasons, you owe it to those who protect you and your family to correct these same myths.

Dear United States Armed Forces
By Doug Powers

May 10, 2004 2004 WorldNetDaily.com

Dear United States Armed Forces,

Not wanting the current distractions and finger pointing to be misconstrued as a genuine lack of appreciation by the American people, we thought it necessary to offer you a quick note of "thanks." You've always been there for us, protecting ur nation, willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, and all while asking nothing in return. This makes you the only exception to the "if it looks too good to be true, it probably is" rule.

Thanks to you and your predecessors, we're free. Throughout our history, you've fought for, and won, independence. You've helped put an end to slavery, oppression, genocide and all manner of craziness put forth by every spiral-eyed deranged dictator and tin-pot wanker on the planet.

You can be sent to fight in some of the biggest dung-heap, dirt-bucket and generally scummy areas on the face of the earth – places that make a septic tank look like the Presidential Suite at the Bellagio. You perform tasks – from the incredibly dangerous to the intolerably mundane – without complaint or plea for recognition.

You're often called upon to take on unhinged nut cases – the aberrant likes of whom may make you long for the stability of Courtney Love – and dive head first into a big bowl of "Crackpot Bouillabaisse" against knee-jerk fascists, totalitarian fist wavers and nut cases engaged in a fierce game of "Virgin-Quest." All this is offset by the lousy pay.

What must make it even more difficult is that, on top of all this, you endure harsh domestic criticism from people who have no idea what they're talking about. The Hollywood left is almost as famous for this as they are for their movie roles.

Don't worry too much about all those actors you see criticizing you and /or your bosses. Career actors do a lot of protesting, but it's not their reason for living. They're good at whining, but still, it's just something they do between films.

The Hollywood left stays here because good acting gigs are much harder to come by in socialist or communist countries. They can whine about this nation from Malibu, while making millions acting and directing. Or they could chastise and belittle the United States from China, while earning 75 Yuan a week for playing the lead in "If They Could See Me Mao" at the Wuhan Community Playhouse.

The freedom to make lots of money trumps any urge to actually be dumb enough to live in a country that practices what they preach.

Your critics in Hollywood may be against all wars, but they also can't help but notice that films about your battles make great box-office draw. To them, wars are unnecessary, gross injustices to humanity – immoral and illegal schemes that serve only the selfish and greedy whims of old white men. Oh, by the way, they also happen to be great topics from which they can reap a fortune for themselves, DreamWorks SKG and Paramount.

Hollywood owes you a huge debt of gratitude, and probably even a large pile of royalty money – an appreciation you're not likely to get until the day North Korean tanks roll into Rob Reiner's foyer.

With recent events, things are getting even tougher for you. Lately, the only way the mainstream media is offering you personal recognition is when they show the pictures from an Iraqi prison, or when Ted Koppel puts his polyester hair-hat at half-staff and spends an hour reading a list of your fallen comrades. You're the best, and have earned – and deserve – so much more than just reportage of "the bad and the worse."

Did you get a kick out of watching your boss, Donald Rumsfeld, being grilled on ethics by a committee containing pillars of integrity like Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton and Robert Byrd? Watching those three senators pass judgment on another human being reminds us there are just four more plagues to go until we have to put out the welcome mat for the return of the Lord.

There are people in every line of work who probably aren't fit to be there, but is the U.S. Congress really the place to start arguing percentages?

Despite the recent distractions, know that your work and sacrifice are deeply appreciated. Not a day goes by when Americans don't take some time to remember those who give everything so others can have everything – those of you who are in what can be the most horrific and violent, and yet noble and compassionate, of professions: the U.S. Armed Forces.


The vast majority of Americans