Examining the Myths of the Vietnam War

The Last Battle of the Vietnam War (Part II)
The Myth of the Returning Warrior

Day Four -- Thursday, July 29, 2004 Second Session 1045-1230 (Click to See Video) (Click here to see transcript)

17. The Last Battle of the Vietnam War (Part II) – The Myth of the Returning Warrior [Steve Sherman]

Moderator: Stephen Sherman

Moderator's Biographical Information: Stephen Sherman served as a Lieutenant with 5th Special Forces Group (Abn) in Vietnam, 1967-1968. He maintains a database and publishes archival information on Special Forces in SE Asia. He is a frequent participant in the symposia at the Vietnam Center, Texas Tech University and ran four annual Vietnam Veteran Film Festivals in Houston from 1988-1992. A recent op-ed “Conduct Unbecoming” was published by the Wall Street Journal, January 26, 2004

Website : http://www.specialforcesbooks.com
Email: Sherman1@flash.net

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Video: Men Versus Myth (Part I of the Long Way Home Project: The complete 4 volume set on VHS or DVD is available from www.ourpatriots.com and from www.ourvaluescount.com )

Articles of Interest:

Conduct Unbecoming, by Stephen Sherman, Wall Street Journal, January 26, 2004
“The Lies They Tell, And The Stories They Leave Behind” by William F. Owen
Kerry, Politics and Vietnam - More than Medals vs. Ribbons by Stephen Sherman, Newsmax.com, June 24, 2004.
What was it like coming home?,  by Terry Garlock

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"The temples are full of men who claim an answer to [impossible questions...after which only those with wealth and power can afford the luxury of striving] Their tongues are slippery and their pockets clink with silver they have not earned. But which of them has ever passed across the river of death and returned? Show me that one and I might be willing to listen."

T. Davis Bunn, To the Ends of the Earth, Jan Dennis Books, 1996, p.176