Examining the Myths of the Vietnam War


If you are coming from out of town, we recommend you arrive on Sunday, July 25 and plan to depart on Friday, July 30. The room fee covers all five nights. Please read and agree to the information below, when you click on "I agree" you will be transferred to the Registration Form.

Dormitory rooms are limited and it is expected that the supply may NOT meet the demand. Therefore, it is requested that reservations be made as early as possible and will be made on a first come-first reserved basis. These rooms are singles, with separate baths, and cost $350 from Sunday through Thursday night (including conference fees). There are a few doubles (shared occupancy with other guests) available at $290.00 per person for the five nights (including conference fees). We will try to establish a fund to assist our VIP guests, but at this time this has not been accomplished. For persons who are not staying in a dormitory room, the conference fee is $50 for the week or $20 per day for seating in the main auditorium or $10 per day and $20 for the week in the satellite rooms that will be organized by branch of service and unit and connected to the conference by closed circuit TV.

The Facilities at Simmons College has contracted with us to host the attendees of the conference. In this contract we have to commit to certain rules and regulations to use the facilities. You, as a participant, must also agree to these rules. When you check in, you will be asked to sign a copy of these rules indicating that you have read and agree to what is in our contract with Simmons.

Listed below are items and regulations that we are obligated to fulfill.

Children and supervision:
Conference groups composed of ANY minors utilizing the facilities and services at Simmons College who are on the premises without their parents/guardians, must be supervised by adults who are provided by the group and who are responsible for the behavior and activities of the minors.  Supervisors will act as liaisons between the college staff and the minor participant in the event of discipline, noise or destructive, disruptive behavior. Supervisors will live on the floor with minors. When minors are on campus with their parents, parents shall provide appropriate levels of child card for them. Minors may not be left unsupervised. College is not responsible for providing such care. 

Alcohol Policy:
The legal drinking age in Massachusetts is twenty-one. The City of Boston enforces an open container ordinance that prohibits open containers of any alcoholic beverage or liquor at outdoor functions. In addition, Simmons College prohibits open containers of alcohol, beer or wine in corridors, lobby areas or other common areas of the College residence halls and building. Persons of legal age (21) are permitted to consume alcohol within the confines of their own rooms.  Participants must comply with all applicable laws with respect to alcohol consumption.

Smoking Policy:
All Simmons College facilities have been designated as nonsmoking.

Medical release:
If a minor is unaccompanied by a parent, such minor will present to the College representative, upon arrival, a medical release for hospital treatment or treatment by a physician, signed by one or both of the child's parents or guardian, to allow for treatment should accident or injury occur. 

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