Examining the Myths of the Vietnam War



Day Two -- Tuesday, July 27, 2004

6. 0830-1015 -- Session 6 --War Stories I -- The View from the Field – What were we doing when we were not killing babies, raping, murdering, fragging and taking drugs? Who are the real American heroes? [Introducing our other VIP participants]

7. 1030-1215 -- Session 7 --  War Stories II -- The View from Headquarters -- Myths of the Vietnam War, continuing the previous session, but going into tactics and geo-politics.

8.  1315-1500 -- Session 8 -- The Uncivil War – The campus protests vs. the post war Vietnamese experience. What were the charges made by the anti-war protestors and were those charges validated by events? What masters did the movement serve? What was history, finance and ideology of the anti-war movement and how did it get traction? Where is it now? [Max Friedman, with Dr. Robert Turner and David Horowitz (by phone)]

9. 1515-1700 -- Session 9 -- The Third Rail of Veteran Politics
9A -- PTSD {Dr. C. Alan Hopewell]
9B -- Agent Orange [Major Jack Spey]

10  1800-2100 -- Session 10 -- Teach-In 2004 (evening session) (panelists and audience) [Keith Taylor, & others] Student questions about the Vietnam War answered. See Press Release B


"Nothing is so firmly believed as what we least know." --- Montaigne