Live Streaming Audio was available for the Conference!

Since the conference is over, we have closed this audio link but we are accepting donations to defray the conference costs at the link below:

Utilizing the Windows Media Player allows us to bring you this streaming experience as quickly and easily as possible, but unfortunately may not work on all computer platforms. If you experience any problem even after installing the latest Windows Media Player (Note: Media Player is required to listen.), please contact the webmaster. While you are listening, you can minimize the Media Player window and continue about your business. We estimate the streaming audio costs us about $.50 per listener per hour. We have put a deposit on a certain number of listener hours. If you would like to make a contribution to increase that pool of hours, you may do so by clicking below.

Now that you have read the above, you are ready to...

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If you do not have Windows Media Player, you can download it here:

Why does the stream stop and have to be restarted?

The stream will time out after about an hour because there were way too many people leaving the streams up 24 hours a day. One stream in particular someone had running for over 1,800 hours straight. This costs us a lot of money in wasted bandwidth. In order to save costs and be able to keep this service free, we had to impliment a time limit on the stream. We are sorry for inconvenience this causes.

Notice to Netscape users:

The Netscape browser is currently having problems using the embedded Media Player. If you are experiencing these problems and have already installed the latest Windows Media Player, try to listen here.

Problems? Contact the Webmaster:



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Don't forget you have to have to restart every hour or so.