Examining the Myths of the Vietnam War
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PressRelease: (PRwire) Was Kerry Correct About Vietnam? Are There Lessons for Iraq?

Media Advisory: (PRWire) Meet the Participants

Press Release 1: From Vietnam to Iraq -- Recent Military Personnel/Active/Reserve/Veterans and Invited
Press Release 2: Vietnam War Teach-In --- Area Students Invited
Press Release 3: The Southeast Asian Viewpoint -- Vietnamese, Lao, Cambodian, Dega and Hmong Invited

Arlene DiRocco, Burlington, MA Cable Access TV (BCTV) Wednesday July 21, 2004 talk show “Open for Discussion” hosted by Arlene DiRocco, with Fred Rice, discussing various aspects of upcoming Viet Myths in Boston and Kerry’s 1971 anti-veteran activities. Ms DiRocco fielded follow-up questions the following week. Click Here to View

"The Point with Mark Hyman" featured your conference on Thursday, July 29th and was seen by nearly more than 4.5 million viewers across the country. You can watch it in streaming media by: -logging on to www.newscentral.tv -click on "The Point" -go to archives drop down menu and select "Dem Convention Day 4 Vietnam Vets 7/29/04" and highlight it. -click on the "GO" box -then select your preferred version of streaming media.

Chuyen Chung Minh - Boston Cable Access TV - Click here to view

Radio Programs:

Blute and Scotto (WRKO Boston) (Fred Rice 8/11/04 7:40-7:50 AM). Refuted claim that Swiftees and Kerry’s crew represented equal validity on either side of the issue.
Howie Carr, Boston MA (Fred Rice?)
Harry Hurley, Atlantic City NJ (Logan Fitch 7/28)
Gordon Liddy, Washington DC (Logan Fitch 7/27), (Tom Hudner 7/28)
Alan Nathan, Washington DC (Logan Fitch 7/28)
Geoff Metcalf (Logan Fitch 7/29)
Connie Murphy, WROL Boston MA (Logan Fitch 7/26), (Fred Rice 7/28 1:20-2:00
Discussed Swiftees, Kerry’s lies about his service and medals, and his testimony before Congress in 1971.) (Fred Rice 8/11/04 1:15 – 2:00 PM) Discussed impact of Swiftees ad, Kerry’s lie about Christmas 1968 in Cambodia.
Pat Whitley Boston, MA (Steve Sherman and Van Odell 7/28)