RADIX Foundation

What is RADIX Foundation?

RADIX Foundation is a non-profit corporation incorporated in the State of Texas on April 23, 2004. The purpose of our organization is to preserve military history and lore and to promote the understanding of military history as seen through the eyes of its participants. Our Board of Directors is empowered to select a particular project, such as this conference, select a Project Manager to oversee it, determine sources of funding and other requirements and carry out what needs to be done. We have no paid positions, no employees, and no overheads. This project was agreed upon by the Directors and a fund raising program was undertaken, requesting small contributions from a large number of Vietnam Veterans and Vietnam-era Veterans who were alumni of the graduate school attended by two of the Directors. The tasks of identifying and contacting those alumni was a rewarding project in itself, since many of the alumni had some interesting things to say about their military service. The current status of the survey that was taken is detailed on the pages that follow. Click here for more information. These results tend to counter the one of the myths about Vietnam veterans and their place in our society and the comments that we have received, despite a few dissenting views, is overwhelming encouraging toward our efforts with this conference. Many of the comments received are reported in these tables and in the attached bulletin boards that were posted to facilitate of our classmates' communications and record the sentiments expressed. As we did not fully meet our expenses and will incur further expenses to promulgate the information contained on this website, we are open to further contributions.


  "If we who served and those who were otherwise involved do not, through our words and deeds, challenge the revisionist history, a generation of young American fighting men will be forever denigrated and a vital chapter in our national history will be remembered erroneously." 

J. Eldon Yates