Special for Teachers

Whatever you have been teaching your students about the Vietnam War, we would like to offer, through this website, an opportunity to re-examine, re-think and even to debate the premises upon which you view that conflict. Many of the attitudes towards this subject were formed long ago, with incomplete evidence and ideological biases, and have hardened into Myths that are firmly established in our culture. Sufficient time has passed, further evidence has come to light and emotions should have cooled down, to enable us to look at those myths objectively.

This website is available to you and to your students as a resource for the study of the Vietnam War. It presents information and viewpoints which often have been shut out from the debate by an academic and media establishment which has a heavy investment in supporting myths as reality. You are welcome to use extracts from this website to counterbalance those ideologues or to use all thirty five hours of video as the basis of an independent study course. By using the bulletin boards, you can enter into a dialogue with our presenters and we would be pleased to post your students’ papers for general review.

We will add items to this website that we hope you will find useful and we hope someday to be in a position to offer a new textbook and instructional materials if we can find the interest and support for such a project.

At the present, we would like to offer you a visual aid on the Myths of the Vietnam War, a collection of stamps and commentary which you can print back to back on index stock and distribute to your students for discussion. (SSMyths-F.pdf and SSMyths-B.pdf [right click to download and save]). Two of our participants have authored a booklet on these myths, 60 pages of concise, readable, and factual discussion, also including an extensive biblilography on all phases of the conflict and a list of internet websites providing valuable information. (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO)  This has been noted as an excellent introductory work for high school and college students, giving them insights into myths and truths and how to engage in serious study of the war.  Copies are available in bulk for teachers at low cost; interested parties can contact the authors at TechConsultServ@Juno.com for details.

I hope you will comeback to use this website often and that it will prove useful to you and your students to understand an important moment in our country’s history and to equip those students to participate in our country’s future, relieved of the burden that these myths create.


"Those who embrace the false lessons of pseudo-history are condemned to march into self-made disasters, which they will be unable to comprehend until far too late. ----- R.J. Del Vecchio, Whitewash/Blackwash