Examining the Myths of the Vietnam War


We certainly do not wish to reinforce the negative stereotype of the Vietnam Veteran. Please do not wear utility uniforms and certainly not utilities with ribbons. It is summer in Boston, so shirt-sleeves are appropriate, but air-conditioning might warrant a jacket. A unit lapel pin or miniature CIB or award would not be inappropriate. If you want to wear a Class A or dress uniform (and still fit in one) that is up to you.

Other than the invited guests, if you wish to speak, you must have some documentation of who you are and what your service was. Non-original DD-214’s are not acceptable. Certified (or "True") copies signed by the county registrar stating it is an official copy of the original filed document and the exact page and line where the original is located in the county records are acceptable. Copies of award orders or military records are better. If you are listed in the Appendixes I through V of Stolen Valor, all you need is proof of identity. (By the way, newsmax.com is offering a free copy of Stolen Valor to new subscribers.)

Until such time as we are able to put up maps on this website, attendees are referred to www.simmons.edu for maps and information about Simmons College and its environs. Instructions for Public Transportation (Recommended) are attached here. Parking is extremely limited and very expensive locally. Some parking passes are available for overnight guests. A list of local public parking acilities is attached, but Public Transportation is again recommended.


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